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Should You Close Cold Air Returns in the Summer?

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Your central AC system is a complicated system of ductwork that pumps air through vents throughout your home. Managing these supply and return vents can positively impact airflow in the home, allowing for more efficient heating or cooling. You should never close your HVAC return vents, but supply vents can be adjusted to improve home comfort.

In this blog, the trained professionals at Damiani’s Comfort Design explain the strategy behind opening your supply vents and the dangers of keeping your return vents closed. We aim to help you heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible, so we’ll also discuss the benefits of switching to ductless HVAC.

A technician taking out a dirty air filter from a home ceiling air return vent.

The Difference Between Supply & Return Vents

Your HVAC system has two kinds of vents: supply vents and return vents. The difference between them is simple. Supply vents bring cold air into your home, and return vents direct air back into your HVAC system. Return vents are usually larger than supply vents and are in large rooms in the home.

The return vents in your home help equalize the pressure that changes as your HVAC system heats or cools your home. These vents should never be fully closed because closing them off restricts airflow and strains the system.

Adjust Your Supply Vents For Maximum Cooling in the Summer

While keeping return vents open to maintain consistent pressure is important, you can open and close the supply vents as needed. Adjusting these vents during peak heating and cooling seasons can impact your HVAC system’s effectiveness and overall comfort. 

To utilize your supply vents strategically, we suggest:

  • Closing supply vents in higher locations by your ceilings while opening lower ones on floors or close to baseboards. Doing this will direct more warm air to the floor, where it will rise to heat the whole space.
  • During the warmer months, do the opposite. Open the supply vents in higher locations and close the ones on the floor to direct more cold air to the ceiling. The air will sink to cool the whole space.

This strategy can reduce how often and how long your system cycles are, making it more efficient.

Ductless Mini-Splits as an Alternative Cooling System

If you want more control over your home’s airflow without worrying about vents, ducts, or central AC system issues, consider installing ductless mini-splits. These units allow you to split your home into zones, which are controlled individually. The result is precise, energy-efficient temperature control.

ductless mini-split blowing cold air in home

Trust Damiani’s Comfort Design for Central AC & Ductless AC Services in San Antonio

Are you interested in upgrading your home’s central AC system or learning more about ductless HVACs? Turn to Damiani’s Comfort Design. With background-checked technicians and a strong dedication to professional, courteous service, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

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