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Give Your AC a Break With a “Spa Day”

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You would probably love a day at the spa devoted exclusively to your comfort and relaxation. After being pampered, you would feel rejuvenated, rested, and prepared to handle tough everyday challenges.

At Damiani’s Comfort Design, we think your hard-working AC deserves some pampering, too! That’s why we’re having an AC Spa Day, when our skilled home comfort professionals ensure that your AC keeps your home cool and comfortable even on humid Texas days.

Since 1985, Damiani’s has been an industry leader in home comfort services. That status makes us the ideal people to nurture your AC.

If you have a new cooling system, getting one annual tune-up is fine. With aging ACs, twice-a-year tune-ups are best. The seasons matter, too. A springtime tune-up makes sense to ensure that you’re all set for summer.

Get your system up to speed for Summer $119 Damiani’s Deluxe AC Tune-Up
Expires 04/30/24
Cannot be combined with other offers.

Give Your AC a Spa Day

Side view of outdoor HVAC unit hanging on brick wall of house on a sunny day.

Stress takes a toll on your mind and body. The outstanding team of technicians at Damiani’s knows that stress also hurts your AC. When it works hard and doesn’t get thorough maintenance regularly, its efficiency suffers, and your unit won’t last as long as it should.

Our top-notch Home Comfort Heroes will come to your AC’s rescue on our AC Spa Day. For only $119, our pros will give your AC the caring attention it craves — carefully checking for filters that need changing, looking at its electrical connections, and inspecting the refrigerant level, compressor, thermostat, fan blade, and more. After we finish, your AC will be refreshed and ready to go for the full summer.

Don’t wait to sign up for Damiani’s AC Spa Day. Your AC will thank you for it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take advantage of this special offer.

Why Your AC Needs a Break

There are several reasons why your AC needs a timely visit from Damiani’s trained AC experts.

  • Efficiency boost: After we inspect and tune up your AC, the unit operates at maximum efficiency. That cuts down on energy use, lowers your energy bill, and reduces the unit’s effect on the environment.
  • Preventative maintenance: Tune-ups allow our experts to troubleshoot minor issues before they become serious, costly problems. Maintenance can prevent a sudden system breakdown and minimize typical wear and tear.
  • Extended lifespan: Worn parts are replaced or cleaned during a tune-up, letting your unit function at peak performance. This lessens the stress, allowing your AC to serve you longer.
  • Enhanced comfort: An efficiently operating AC provides even cooling throughout your home, and there’s less chance of an inconvenient system breakdown.
  • Improved air quality: We replace dirty, clogged filters with fresh ones that capture irritants, pollutants, and dust from your environment so you don’t inhale them.
  • Peace of mind: We give your AC a comprehensive going-over that makes a system failure unlikely. That means you stay cool and comfortable in the most scorching summer weather without worrying about expensive repairs.
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Get your system up to speed for Summer $119 Damiani's Deluxe AC Tune-Up
Expires 05/31/24
Cannot be combined with other offers.
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