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Why You Need a Standby Generator in Your Home

Power outages are not uncommon in the San Antonio area, and though most only last a few hours or less, some can and will last longer. Make sure your family is comfortable and protected with a reliable, professionally installed standby generator from our team at Damiani’s Comfort Design.

What Is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is permanently installed outside your home. It is usually configured to start automatically when power is lost, providing all the electricity needed for a few critical circuits or your entire home. It features a permanent fuel supply like natural gas or a large propane tank, and it is safer, easier, and more convenient to use than a portable generator.

Why Do You Need a Standby Generator?

While the utility grid in the San Antonio area is relatively reliable, the occasional bout of severe weather like thunderstorms or winter freezes can knock the power out, or the system may periodically be taken offline for maintenance or repairs. Most service disruptions only last for minutes or hours. Still, there have been times when power outages last a day or longer, as well as periods when rolling blackouts are required to shed load during emergencies or times of extremely high demand.

During these longer outages, a standby generator can be instrumental in providing the comfort and safety your family requires. A standby generator can operate everything from televisions, emergency radios, internet routers, and lights to refrigerators, stoves, medical equipment, and your heating and air conditioning systems. This keeps your family warm, fed, and informed in the event of an emergency.

The Benefits of a Standby Generator

A standby generator is an invaluable tool that offers peace of mind during the worst weather or emergencies in the San Antonio area. The benefits of installing a standby generator for your Texas home include:

  • Reliable backup power when you need it
  • A safe, professional installation that keeps utility workers protected
  • A permanent, trouble-free electrical connection
  • Automatic startup when power is lost
  • Emergency power for life-saving equipment, cooking equipment, refrigerators, and more
  • No dangerous refueling, handling of electrical connections, or setup during storms
  • Quieter, safer, more reliable operation than portable generators
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What Size & Type of Standby Generator Will You Need?

The standby generator you need will depend on the fuel available in your area, the equipment you will need to run during an outage, and the specifics of your installation.

Natural gas, propane, and diesel generators are available, depending on the manufacturer. You can estimate the size of the generator you need by adding up the power usage of all the electrical components and appliances you will need during a blackout. This will be listed in watts on most devices, or you can find the watts by multiplying the device’s voltage and current requirements.

A professional can help you accurately determine the generator that will best suit your home and budget.

Standby Generator Installations in San Antonio, TX

When you need a high-quality standby generator with a complete, professional installation in the San Antonio area, look no further than our team at Damiani’s Comfort Design. Our Home Comfort Heroes have been serving our neighbors in Texas since 1985. We are prompt, caring, and efficient, and all our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call our team at 210-646-9600 or contact us online to request an estimate or schedule a generator installation in San Antonio today.

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