Maintenance Plan

You May Have A Hundred Things To Worry About In Your Home... With an Energy Saver Plan from Comfort Design, your Heating and NC won't be one of those worries!
Economic Maintenance

It's Your Money...Keep It!

Utility research confirms tune-ups can be free! In a landmark research project, a major university, working with a large public utility found that a precision tune-up of residential air conditioners saves $32.76 a month in utilities and restores 25% of lost cooling capacity... and you get a 15% discount on all repairs

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Regular Customer Support

Worry Free...Time For Yourself!

When your equipment has had regular professional tune-ups it is less likely to break down at inopportune times, giving you the chance to devote your time to what's most important to you

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Best Air Conditioning Services

No Waiting...You're First In Line!

At the top is where you belong and that's where you'll be. As a maintenance customer, you will always go to the front of the line. We want you to know that you are special and we think you deserve special treatment from us. That's the truth! In South Texas, this is a huge benefit.

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With an Energy Savings Plan from Comfort Design, There's One Less Worry on Your Mind!