Maintenance plan that will help you save MORE and pay LESS

Whether it is about your Air Conditioning (AC) system or furnace/heating system, a long lasting HVAC system requires a systematic maintenance plan.  Many researches indicate the benefits of picking a comprehensive maintenance plan, as it extends the life of your HVAC system. Additionally, an efficient furnace and AC maintenance plan also helps in cutting down energy bills.

Save time & cost: Enjoy worry free tune-ups:

  • No waiting: Enjoy the privilege of always being first when your system may need a repair.
  • Save More:  We ensure that your hard earned money is never wasted. Our Central AC maintenance and furnace maintenance plans will help lower your energy bills.
  • Hassle Free repairs: Timely tune-ups and cleaning ensures visible reduction in your emergency repair needs.
  • Trustworthy service: We respect all our customers and if you are one of our premium maintenance members, you can be sure about our trustworthy services.
  • Emergency help: We offer 24-7 emergency help for our customers.  Our signature-preferred maintenance plan members don’t even have to pay any after hour diagnostic fees. You can call us anytime you need us.
  • Low cost maintenance: Discounts, specials, sales and freebies are some of regular benefits that we offer. The entire plan structure is designed to offer low cost high quality maintenance to our valuable customer
“You May Have A Hundred Things To Worry About In Your Home. With an efficient Maintenance Plan from Damiani’s Comfort Design, your Heating and AC won't be one of those worries!

Have a look at what we have for you





Two 25 Point Precision Tune-Ups and Professional Cleanings Each Year

Annual Duct and Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Priority "Front of the Line" Service

Inflation Protection... The Price NEVER Changes!!

Increased Life Expectancy on Equipment

Increased Comfort and Air Quality

Up to 30% Reduction on Heating & Cooling Costs

Easy Monthly Payment Plans

15% Discount on ALL Service Repairs


Discount on ALL New Equipment, IAQ, or Ductwork Installations




NO Diagnostic Charges on ALL Service Requests

24/7 + 365

7 am – 7 pm

Mon – Fri


Preferred Scheduling

on Annual Tune-Ups (Saturday Appts.)



Low Monthly Costs for One System




Low Monthly Cost for Each additional System




Comfortable Environment
Call us for Routine maintenance of
Heating or Heat Pumps


Comfortable Living at Comfort Design

With an Energy Savings Plan from Comfort Design, There's One Less Worry on Your Mind!

Duct Work

Duct Work

Why is Duct work so important to your comfort?