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What Is the Life Span of My HVAC Unit?

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Whether you’re installing heating or cooling equipment in your home for the first time or have systems that need replacement, the biggest question on your mind, aside from cost, is how long your new unit will last. After all, HVAC systems are a significant investment, so you want to be sure the unit you choose can last the long term.

The average life span of your HVAC equipment depends on several factors, including the specific type of equipment, its fuel type, and its maintenance schedule.

Read on to find out how long you can expect most HVAC systems to last, why they might experience premature breakdowns, and how you can improve longevity for your unit!  

Average HVAC System Life Spans by Type

One of the biggest factors in determining the life span of your HVAC equipment is identifying the type of unit. The following details how longevity changes according to the type of system you have:

It’s important to keep in mind that these averages reflect the life spans for systems that have been well-maintained and -manufactured. These averages are given under the assumption that proper HVAC installation was performed from the beginning, which may not always be the case if you didn’t hire the right team.

Reasons for Experiencing a Shorter HVAC Life Span

You may be thinking to yourself, “I’ve only had my system for eight years and it’s already called it quits — what gives?”

There are several reasons why your HVAC equipment could break down prematurely. While the biggest cause is poor system maintenance, there are other reasons why your heating and air conditioning unit might fail earlier than expected, including:

  • Air filter: Failure to change your air filter at the proper intervals can make your unit work harder than it needs to, to satisfy your comfort demands. You should aim to change your air filters at least once every 90 days.
  • Humidity: Your region’s climate can also play a role in its life span. Incredibly dry or humid environments can place a strain on your system, so it’s important to monitor humidity levels, keeping them below 60% in summer and at 35% in winter.
  • Operation: HVAC equipment is meant to be used — not abused. Systems that are constantly running no matter the weather are susceptible to shorter life spans due to increased wear and tear.
  • Installation: Whether your unit is improperly installed or your technician recommended the wrong product altogether, a bad initial installation can lead to early breakdown. Choose your HVAC installation team wisely to prevent premature system failure.
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Annual HVAC Maintenance & Your System Life Span

The best way to extend your system’s life span is by adhering to an annual HVAC maintenance schedule. Most heating and cooling technicians recommend scheduling AC maintenance before summer (usually around April or May) and heating maintenance before winter (typically August or September).

At Damiani’s Comfort Design, our team takes the guesswork out of your HVAC maintenance schedule through our exclusive Preventative Maintenance Program. Through this program, customers enjoy:

  • Two 25-point precision tune-ups and professional cleanings annually
  • Annual ductwork and indoor air quality inspections
  • Increased life expectancy on equipment
  • Increased comfort and air quality
  • Up to 30% reduction on heating and cooling costs

Get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment by signing up for our Preventative Maintenance Program or scheduling HVAC maintenance with Damiani’s Comfort Design.

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