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Not Just AC & Heating Solutions...Home Comfort HEROES!  

Think about it: a hero is someone you can rely upon to not just deliver the expected, but to go the extra mile. The Home Comfort Heroes from Damiani's Comfort Design give their all to make South Texas families more comfortable - through scorching summers, damp, chilly winters and every season in-between. Count on Damiani's Comfort Design for expert installation, quick repairs and long-term maintenance.  You'll be comfortable knowing the Home Comfort Heroes and Damiani's Comfort Design guarantee every job they do to ensure quality. Need rescuing? We'll send a Home Comfort Hero flying to your door! 

Home Air Conditioners

Scoff at triple digit temperatures. Shrug at that heat index! When Damiani's Comfort Design installs your home's AC, you'll stay cool as a cantelope! Then we back that installation with a slew of guarantees and warranties, and in the event it does break down, you can count on Damiani's Comfort Design for 24/7 service and repairs. (And when you sign up for one of our Maintenance Plans, you'll jump to the front of the line!  How cool is THAT?) 

Duct Work

Your air conditioning repair needs will increase if your duct system is improperly sized. Our certified and experienced technicians make sure that the duct system is effectively designed and implemented to provide high efficient HVAC performance and improved air flow. And when it comes time for that duct system to be cleaned, call on the "duct whisperers" at Damiani's and start breathing easier!  

Home Heating Services

Heat Pumps or gas furnaces, we are experts in all services to get these units working if they stop working properly. Our maintenance plans offer 24-7 emergency repair services to provide hassle free experiences to all our customers.

Furnace installation and Repairs

Whether your furnace is not meeting your heating needs or you have just decided to install a new one, we are ready to help you with smooth installations and repairs. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Central Air conditioning installation and repairs

Staying cool doesn't have to cost a fortune, even in South Texas! We make sure that your central air conditioning system is installed perfectly, runs efficiently and will last for decades. Not only do we consider all safety standards, but we'll even help you pay for that new AC with convenient financing.  

Why choose our installation, repair and maintenance?

  • Repair and Emergency Service: We are ready to serve any of your residential or commercial HVAC needs anytime 24-7 on any emergency call.
  • Professional Installation: you can take advantage of the benefits of professional installations with our certified and highly skilled technicians. We don’t work with sub contractors.
  • Yearly maintenance programs:  By cleaning the indoor coil, we ensure that your air conditioning system runs at it’s peak efficiency during our grueling summer months. Our maintenance plans have been touted as “The Best Preventive Maintenance in Texas” when it comes to home comfort!
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  • Indoor Air Quality: We are focused on improving your indoor air quality, which will reduce your family’s exposure to allergy symptoms.  We can help you decide what home filter system is best for you and your family.
  • Improved Air Distribution: We Specialize in designing a superior duct system for equal air distribution to all your rooms. If you have some rooms that are too hot and some that are too cold you need to call us.  It also helps in reducing the wear and tear on your equipment and lowers your utility bills.  There are HUGE rebates for ductwork in some area’s of San Antonio, Texas
  • The Best Preventative Maintenance in Texas: We offer three maintenance plans in Texas to help you enjoy the highly efficient performance of your heating and cooling system. We ensure hassle free tune-ups at low prices.

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